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Forever Young Body Works has been providing a professional and relaxing spa experience since 2011. At Forever Young Body Works we are constantly striving for perfection for both us and our valued clients.

Please note—Due to the nature of our business, we are unable to have children or guests in our waiting room or treatment area. There is a cancellation policy 24-hour cancellation notice for weekdays 48-hour notice for Saturday appointments.

Fee will apply.

We kindly ask that you do not arrive more than 5 minutes prior to your scheduled appointment time. This is to ensure that each client receives our undivided attention during the checkout process. Thank you in advance.

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Forever Young Body Works Massage


Calm your mind, body, and spirit with a relaxing massage. A massage will alleviate stiffness and fatigue as well as improve circulation along with many other benefits.

Swedish or Deep Tissue Massage

Add hot towels and scrub for $15

$50 (30 min)

$80 (60 min)

$110 (90 min)

Chocolate Massage ..... $80 (60 min)

90 min Massage Combo ..... $125
60 min massage & 30 min foot massage with foot scrub & hot towels.

Our selection of massages promotes lymphatic drainage, reduces the build up of toxins, increases blood circulation, and eases tension and pain built up from day to day stresses. Whether you are seeking a calming and relaxing experience, an intense therapeutic release, or a delectable treat to the senses, each and every service will be to sure to leave you relaxed and rejuvenated.

Coconut Firming Massage

$125 (90min)

$95 (60min)

Dramatically improve skin tone and firmness with this award winning lotion by Eminence- leg scrub and hot towels included.

Hot Stone Massage

$95 (60 min)

$125 (90 min)

Foot Massage

Add foot scrub and hot towels for $15

$45 (30 min)

$55 (45 min)

$75 (60 min)

Forever Young Body Works

Teeth Whitening

This service is amazing for getting the bright white smile that everyone desires

Teeth Whitening ...... $60

Brighten your smile with just one visit.

Forever Young Body Works

Ear Candling

Ear Candling is a simple, effective method for removing ear wax build-up, fungus and impaction from within the ear canal.

Ear Candling ...... $60 The process can regulate sinus pressure, assist with post nasal drip, sinusitis, migraines, some forms of hearing loss, and restoration of equilibrium. It requires a hollow candle that tapers at one end to fit into the ear. The other end when lit draws oxygen for the flame and creates a vacuum. This has the effect of pulling out residue and cleansing the sinus cavity.

Forever Young Body Works


A facial cleans, exfoliates and nourishes the skin to promote clear, well-hydrated skin. A facial is a popular spa treatment and a great way to keep care of your skin and maintain a healthy glow. Visible results are noticed with just one treatment.

Forever Young Specialty Facial ..... $85 (50 minutes)

You will receive a personalized skin analysis by our licensed Esthetician, followed by a cleaning, exfoliation, extraction (if needed) along with a specialized masque to meet your unique needs. Also relax with hot towels along with a massage of neck, hands, and arms.

C & E Facial ..... $85

A potent concoction of Vitamin C, Vitamin E, and other boosting antioxidants are delivered into the deepest layers of the skin to help achieve the most desirable complexion. Balance oilproduction, increase collagen and elasticity of the skin, lighten dark spots, and reduce appearance of wrinkles.

Monoi Age Corrective Facial ..... $85

A supreme blend of Natural Retinol Alternatives and Organic Stem Cells which increase collagen production and cell regeneration. Decrease wrinkle depth while hydrating, firming, smoothing, and lifting mature skin.

Skin Firming Peel ..... $85

Highlighting Eminence Blueberry Detox Peel, this facial minimizes and clears clogged pores, detoxifies and removes dead skin to create a radiant glow and a firmer, more youthful appearance.

Arctic Berry Illuminating Peel ..... $85

A radiant treatment system that illuminates the skin through enzymatic exfoliation. Achieves clearer, smoother skin, while reducing hyperpigmentation, inflammation, fine lines, and wrinkles. Improves elasticity and hydration with the benefits of a bright, glowing skin tone.

Glycolic Peel ..... $85
Glycolic Peel with Microdermabrasion ..... $95
Glycolic Peel with Dermaplaning ..... $100


A skin care treatment that removes dead skin cells and peach fuzz, resulting in a luxuriously smooth face.

Dermaplaning Facial (exfoliant included) ..... $95

Dermaplaning with Glycolic Peel ..... $100

Dermaplaning with Microdermabrasion ..... $100

European Facial ..... $120

This facial is designed to re-hydrate, stimulate, balance and promote healing to the skin. This treatment is our Signature Facial as described above, plus an additional 25 minute face, neck, hand and shoulder massage. This is designed to melt your stress away.

Express Facial ..... $55 (35 mins)

Renewal of your skin with this express treatment which includes a facial cleaning, exfoliation, masque, moisturizer. (A great add on to any body treatment or just a pick-me-up.)

Back Facial ..... $85 (45 min)

House Favorite! Deep cleaning, exfoliation along with a specialized masque for each individuals needs, followed by a moisturizer. Perfect for those hard to reach places, acne problems or just a flawless glowing back for the strapless wardrobe or beachwear.

Add a microdermabrasion for an additional $10

Forever Young Body Works

Skin Needling

Skin needling treatment has been shown to:

  • Smooth wrinkles and fine lines
  • Relax Scars
  • Remove sun/age spots
  • Tighten skin and improve texture
  • Improve acne scarring

An at home beauty regimen that begins at the spa. Increases collagen, reduces the appearance of scars and wrinkles, and allows for deeper penetration of products. Add on to any service: includes professional instruction for at home use, application of a serum specific to skin needs.

Skin Needling Facial ..... $95

DermaRoller Only ..... $25

Add-on to any facial ..... $10

Forever Young Body Works


Microdermabrasion, also known as microderm, is one of the easiest and most effective anti-aging treatments you can get. Microdermabrasion diminishes fine lines and wrinkles, helps to smooth coarsely textured skin, decreases the appearance of scarring, decreases pore size, and reduces superficial hyper-pigmentation, also known as age spots.

Includes Neck, Chest and Face

Specialty Microdermabrasion ..... $95

Microdermabrasion with Glycolic Peel ..... $95

Microdermabrasion with Dermaplaning ..... $100

Forever Young Body Works

Body Wraps

Body wraps are detox treatments that help rid the body of toxins through metabolic stimulation while softening and hydrating the skin.

M'lis Wrap ..... $100

Mummy wrapping technique that inhibits the loss of up to 4-14 inches in just the 1st wrap. Benefits include: tightened skin and reduced appearance of cellulite. Permanent results—this is not a water loss wrap.

Detox Body Wrap ..... $75

The body is completely covered with a soothing aloe based mixture with selected herbs for detoxification. The client is cocooned in plastic and covered for 45 minutes allowing deep penetration. This wrap has it all; It hydrates the skin, firms the skin, detoxifies and promotes inch loss.

Mango Enzyme Body Wrap ..... $75

An organic Eminence wrap that dissolves dead skin, increases collagen production, repairs photodamaged skin, tones with refreshing Vitamin C and combats free radicals.

Slimming Blueberry Soy Wrap ..... $75

This Eminence wrap improves elasticity, reinforces collagen fibers, increases circulation, heals irritations, moisturizes and rejuvenates the skin.

Chocolate Truffle Wrap ..... $75

Offers hydration, toning & refining properties with delicious anti-oxidant and age-defying benefits.

Cellulite Treatment ..... $75

A tingling gel is applied to burn fat and tighten the skin for a reduction in the look of cellulite. The applied Gel is a chemical free, all organic product by Eminence.

Pear & Green Apple ..... $75

This nourishing wrap heels irritations and strengthens skin structure while balancing the skin tone. This wrap also tones and tightens the body while increasing circulation.

Pumpkin Latte (seasonal) ..... $75

A nutrient-rich and hydrating wrap that improves texture of the skin while reducing fine lines. This removes unwanted toxins and leaves the skin feeling smooth and hydrated.

Stone Crop Body Wrap ..... $75

This restorative gel body wrap contains stone crop, aloe, and powerful actives to hydrate, rejuvenate and brighten the look of skin.

Forever Young Body Works

Body Scrubs

Infused with pure herbal extracts of basil, ginkgo and antioxidant vitamin E. This herbal salt scrub helps maintain the radiant glow of youth.

Full Body Scrub ..... $75

Indulge the body with rejuvenating salt scrub, exfoliating the body by removing dead skin, following by a moisturizing treatment to bring back the natural color and texture of the skin. This scrub will be removed with hot towels.

Leg Scrub ..... $30

An exfoliation treatment designed to create silky irresistible legs, while minimizing in-grown hairs.

Forever Young Body Works

Waxing Services

Waxing is a method of hair removal which removes the hair from the root. New hair will not grow back in the previously waxed area for two to eight weeks. Almost any area of the body can be waxed, including eyebrows, face, bikini area, legs, arms, back, abdomen and feet.

  • Eyebrows ..... $15.00
  • Lip..................$10.00
  • Chin...............$15.00 & up
  • Back..............$85.00 & up
  • Face..............$45.00
  • Underarm.......$45.00

Forever Young Body Works

Eyelash & Eyebrow Tinting

Eyelash tinting temporarily dyes the eyelashes in order to achieve the look of wearing mascara without applying makeup.

Eyelash Tinting ..... $25

This treatment is designed for the woman on the go who desire longer, fuller lashes without the hassle of mascara. Eyebrow Tinting ..... $20

This treatment will make the brows appear fuller and will enhance the eyes.

Forever Young Body Works

Spray Tan

Spray tanning, also called sunless tanning or airbrush tanning works by applying a special mist on the skin. The sessions are all hand applied to ensure no streaking.

  • 1 Session ..... $50
Experience first-hand the benefits of having a professionally applied airbrush spray tan. You will work personally with an airbrush technician to achieve that perfect flow. Choose from having only certain body parts sprayed to having an entire body application.

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